Airbnb Retreats On Instagram

    There's been a trend in the number of cool Airbnb properties popping up on Instagram. Even if it doesn't inspire you to book your next vacation, I think we'll agree that there are so many different style homes out there in the Airbnb world. Take, for instance The Little Black Shack on Mackerel Beach in Australia. I discovered this heavenly retreat after they liked a ...

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    Sautéed Kale Salad (Recipe)

    This sautéed kale salad is reminiscent of a Catalonian spinach that I ate all the time when I was studying abroad in Barcelona. However, my version has far less oil than the traditional dish and I have added dried coconut flakes for texture and flavor. This salad is such a crowd pleaser; you get the sweetness from the currants, the rich nuttiness from the pine ...

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    If I were a Mom: Mother’s Day Gifts that I Dig

    Mother's Day is upon us and every year it seems like my own Mother's Day gift list keeps on growing. For most of my life I had my own fabulous mom to think about, but now I've got a mother-in-law, sister-in-law and so many friends who keep popping out babies! Damn, this holiday gets expensive! Here are 5 gifts ranging from affordable to ...

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    Slaw of Slaws (Recipe)

    Full disclosure: I didn't think this slaw would be so tasty, I was just trying to use the second half of a huge cabbage that was taking up valuable refrigerator space. As such, no pictures were taken except for this one. Oh, how I was wrong! The slaw was delicious! What you see in the image above is the slaw next to ...

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    Low Key Luxury at Mexico’s Hotel Esencia

    Paradise Found: Hotel Esencia, Mexico  Alex started a new job a few weeks ago and to reward ourselves we planned a last minute getaway. Very last minute. We booked the night before our 7am flight, which actually felt liberating- some necessary spontaneity in our overly planned out lives! I tasked myself with finding a destination that was warm, tropical and within an hour's drive ...

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    Easy Pressure Cooker Tomato Soup (Recipe)

    I use my pressure cooker to make soups, curries and beans all the time. At least in the winter I do. Reserved for nights when I don't feel like cleaning up 5 pans in my tiny kitchen, which happens know matter how simple I tell myself I'm keeping dinner. So anyway, I've been on a coconut milk kick lately, making everything from ...

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    Spring Detox: Clean Your Mind and Body This Kapha Season

    The other day I had the pleasure of meeting Ayurvedic practitioner, Kiera Nachman, Founder and Creator of Sundara Holistic who shared some insight on why a Spring detox is so important. Kiera is also a Reiki practitioner, healer, and aromatherapist and was showing her line of organic skincare products at Jivamuktia Yoga. Sundara Holistic products are designed to address the Ayurvedic doshas, or metabolic mind-body types, as well as ...

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    Love & LA: Topanga and Santa Barbara (2 of 2)

    I spent my first few days in LA hardly venturing outside of Venice save for a few bike rides down the beach boardwalk to Santa Monica. Three days there wasn't nearly enough time. Venice is exploding with talent: from healers to hipsters and the most outstanding vegan chefs. Venice is really having a moment. After checking out of my AirBnb and catching up with ...

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